Terms and Conditions

Original Release: 1st July 2017

Last Update: 1st Sep 2019



General Terms and Conditions:

Due to software being a digital sale, ALL payments for credits are NON refundable.

If there is any issues with any tunes or solutions, then file credits will be refunded.

Files over 30 days old that require further modifications are charge at an EXTRA 25 Credits

1 All our services are bound to these terms and conditions.

2. Where possible we will undertake a diagnostic check of your vehicle’s engine prior to your ECU remap. You will be informed of all faults on your vehicle, whether determined or pending, even if those faults are not engine map related.

3.We take no responsibility for loss of radio codes or any other vehicle data while carrying out a remap.

4.All power/torque gains from your ECU remap are approximate, as are the actual figures of your engine’s quoted power and torque figures will vary between vehicles.

5. The fuel efficiency of your vehicle after a remap depends on a number of factors including but not limited to: outside temperature, driving style, tyre pressures, and regular and correct service maintenance of your vehicle

6.We do not accept liability for personal injury, loss of earnings, accidents, damages, faults, legal claims or any other claim during or after a remap under any circumstances.

7.It is your responsibility to inform your insurance company of the remap.

8.All payments are due on completion of the work.

9.Money-back guarantee

    9.1For the first 7 days after the purchase, if you’re unsatisfied your money can be returned in full.

    9.2For 8 to 30 days it is free to return the car to its original configuration.

    9.3After that any alterations will be charged at the standard rate.

    9.4 Do NOT provide a money back guarantee due to reduced fuel economy of your vehicle as it is explained to you both before the remap and at the time of our service that all remaps increase power (regardless of whether it’s an economy, blend or power remap) and an engine will NOT produce more power safely without being programmed to use more fuel.

10. .We do not cover the liability for the following parts: turbos, injectors, clutches, gearboxes, dpf, boost leaks (boost pipes) as these have a serviceable lifetime and the remap places bigger demands on these parts, which may cause issues if they are not in good health. Stage 1+, Stage 2, Stage 3 remaps are beyond the recommended tolerances of your engine and we and the remap writer will not accept any liability for these remaps.

11.Will retain a copy of your car’s original ECU map for your specific vehicle on our systems. Should your manufacturer or service garage accidentally wipe your ECU remap, we will for a small admin fee, re-install your chosen ECU remap.

12. The company reserves the right to update or modify the terms and conditions on this page at any time.


  1. The Customer takes full responsibility for any vehicle brought to the Company and understands that vehicle modifications are dangerous, high risk and have no guarantee or warranty unless otherwise given.
  2. The Company will not be held liable for any damages, losses, accidents, claims, relating to the vehicle or its components; or death injury losses or claim relating to anyone to the vehicle in anyway; or claims, losses or damages, death or injury of any third party; from the modification of the vehicle or use of the modified vehicle.
  3. The Customer is fully responsible for keeping and presenting the vehicle in a fully working and maintained condition and any repairs or alterations that may be required in order for the Company to provide its services in part or fully for modifications to function correctly.
  4. The Company may not be held responsible for any maintenance, repairs, alterations, losses or damages in relation to vehicle modifications.
  5. The Company reserves the right to refuse any service, partially complete any service or request alternations by the Customer in order for a service to be completed, or a product to function correctly for any reason. The Customer is fully liable for any service or product provided so far.
  6. The Company may require the Customer to return in the future in order to complete work in order for the services or products provided to function correctly. The Customer maybe required to pay additional costs in order for this work to be completed.
  7. The Customer confirms that they are the vehicle owner or have the required permission of the vehicle owner for the company to carry out any works requested by the Customer. The Customer will be liable for any costs to reverse works that they are not authorised to request.
  8. The Customer is fully responsible for insuring and complying with any law relating to the use of installation of vehicle modifications.
  9. The Customer understands vehicle modifications will take the vehicle and its components outside of its design specifications and may cause extra stress strain or complications for the vehicle or its components. Shorter service life or increased chance of failure of components is to be expected. The Company cannot be held liable for these and the Customer takes full responsibility of any repairs, damages, costs or losses of these components.
  10. The Customer understands components of the vehicle may no longer be covered by third party warranties as a result of works carried out by the Company. The Customer should consult the providers of such warranties for clarification. For example, a vehicles manufacturer warranty may become void if the vehicle is modified outside of the factory specifications. The Company provides no substitution or financial compensation for any increased costs to the Customer.
  11. All prices given to the Customer by the Company are not quotations but merely estimations and subject to alteration without notice or error.
  12. Refunds are only available when complying with the Company’s Refund Policy and then strictly at the discretion of the Company.
  13. The Company reserves the right to request upfront payment for any service or part, either in full or in part or request a deposit for any booking.
  14. The Customer is required to pay in full before any physical products can be received and all products remain property of the Company until full payment is made.
  15. The Customer is required to pay in full any services provided to the customer before a vehicle can be returned to the Customer. The Company may withhold access to any vehicle, keys or contents from the Customer until payment is made.
  16. The Company has the right to charge for any vehicle stored by the Company for more than 7 days after the works are complete by the Company and an attempt to inform the Customer has been made.
  17. The Customer understands that all performance gain statistics given by the Company, such as horse power, torque, acceleration, top speed etc, are an estimation on the ideal vehicle and ideal conditions and the Company are not able to guarantee these to the Customer. The Customer understands that every vehicle is different, and results may vary between vehicles, and from methods of measurement of these statistics.
  18. Any services or products, requested by the Customer are still fully chargeable regardless of any performance results, such as horse power, torque, acceleration, top speed etc, no discounts or refunds are available if the results do not match the Customer’s expectations or Company’s estimations regardless of amount of increase, lack of change, or even decrease in resulting statistics.
  19. The Company reserves the right to modify, update or change these Terms and Conditions at any time and the Customer agrees to remain bound to these terms and sub related terms, without further consent from the Customer.

Booking Terms and Conditions

  1. The Company reserves the right to cancel, postpone or rearrange any agreed booking for any service for any reason. (Such as staff sickness, bad weather or loss of access to workshop etc).
  2. The Company reserves the right to change the agreed location where any service maybe provided for any reason. (Such as staff sickness, bad weather or loss of access to workshop etc).
  3. The Company is not liable for any losses nor to provide any compensation for a cancelled or rearranged booking.
  4. Any dates or times offered are not guaranteed until confirmation is given by the Company to the Customer. The Company will not reserve any dates or times until a commitment is made by the Customer to allow the Company to make conformation of booking.
  5. The Company reserves the right to charge a non-refundable deposit and take full payment of products required to complete the requested work before any booking is secured. The Company may cancel or rearrange any booking where the Customer has failed to pay this in full.
  6. The Company reserves the right to postpone any booking and rearrange it where products required to complete any requested work have been delayed by suppliers or delivery. No compensation will be provided by the Company for such delays.
  7. Any deposits made by the Customer will be transferred if the booking is rearranged or postponed by the Company.
  8. The Customer may postpone or rearrange their booking without loss of deposit to another date, provided 7 days’ notice is given to the Company. Any postponement or rearrangement will lose the original bookings deposit unless otherwise transferred by the Company at its own discretion.

Remapping Terms and Conditions

  1. The Customer understands Engine Control Unit (ECU) Remapping (modifying the ECU’s software) is a high-risk operation and is not advised by vehicle manufacturers.
  2. The Company will make its best efforts to Remap (the process of modifying the ECU’s software) but no guarantee can be made of the quality of the result. Reasons such as lack of detailed documentation, software definitions, tuning protection methods, etc may all impede the Company’s ability to modify the software to the desired results.
  3. The Company may refuse to Remap any vehicle or ECU for any reason it decides or offer a lesser modification if it decides the customers’ requests cannot be catered for.
  4. The Customer understands that some ECU functions may need to be modified, bypassed or disabled, or may lose their ability to function correctly, accurately or at all once the software is modified.
  5. The Customer understands that some ECU’s require to be physically removed and/or opened in order to carry out a remap. The Company reserves the right to charge additional labour, or indemnify themselves against physical ECU damage as it sees fit.
  6. The Company will warranty any remapped ECU software from software loss such as software overwriting or by ECU electrical failure, and will reinstall a Customer’s remap to their ECU or replacement ECU provided no physical removal is required and no rework, or modification of the remap is required and the any replacement or updated ECU remains compatible with the original remap.
  7. The Company reserves the right to charge any labour for physical ECU removal, ECU opening, software rework or modification in order to reinstall the software to the Customer’s ECU under any software warranty claim.
  8. It is the Customers responsibility to provide a receipt from the Company or its authorised dealers that proves a remap was paid for, and the vehicle presented is the same original vehicle that the remap was originally installed on.
  9. The Company reserves the right to take ownership of any previous ECU from the vehicle if the software is to be reinstalled on a replacement or new ECU. The Company may also take steps to investigate that the ECU given to the Company is the original remapped ECU.
  10. Remaps are not transferable to different vehicles, and no return or refund is available if the Customer later choose to remove the remap software.
  11. Alterations to the vehicle may be required in order for a remap to function correctly, the Company will advise the Customer of any required alterations to the vehicle. The Customer is responsible for any repairs, alterations or adjustments that are required to be made to the vehicle and any costs of the repairs, alterations or adjustments in order for the Remap to function correctly.
  12. The Customer understands any further modification to the vehicle will invalidate any calibration of the remap and will require the remap to be adjusted. The Customer is fully responsible for rebooking the vehicle to have its remap adjusted. The Customer understands that any modifications that are made, may not be able to be catered for by a Remap adjustment and that the Company may not be able to provide a suitable adjustment.
  13. The Customer understands that any remap on the vehicle remains property of the Company and is the intellectual property of the Company. The Customer will not access the remap software on the ECU or to or attempt to copy, transfer, download or access in anyway the software themselves or allow any third party to or attempt to copy, transfer, download or access in anyway the software. The Company reserves the right to refuse any future service, assistance, or seek compensation for any losses in breach in relation to the Company’s intellectual property.